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Why Wild-Crafted Essentials Are Superior than Conventional

  • kelly
  • Nov, 13th

Unique properties that make wild crafted essentials superior to conventional essentials

With the increase in modern farming methods, the consumers have had concerns over which methods produce the best product that is appropriate for them. In addition to this, there has also been diversification in the consumer needs as some prefer conventional, some organic and some wild-crafted essentials. Many people find it hard to differentiate between traditional essentials and wild-crafted essential oils.

The difference between conventional and wild-crafted essentials

The cultivation of traditional essentials oils is in the natural environment. Wild-crafted essential oils are obtained from plants that grow naturally without any human involvement. The plant grows naturally in the environment with natural stressors like sunlight, water, insects, diseases, and the competing plants. The harvesting is done using guidelines that protect and preserve the plants.

Advantages Of Wild-Crafted Essential Oils over Conventional 

a) Wild Crafted Essential Are Natural

Since the wild-crafted essentials grow naturally without any human involvement, they retain their natural properties typically. The accustomed essentials are produced using synthetic chemicals such as hormones, antibiotics, pesticides, and fertilizer that alter their inherent properties. There is also the use of genetically modified organisms whose creation is artificial.

b) Medicinal Use

Wild-crafted essential oils are obtained from their natural habitat that is undisturbed by any foreign artificial substances. The ability of the plant to solely resist all odds in their natural surrounding such as diseases and natural calamities such as lack of water, sunlight and competition from the other flora for nutrients makes the plant retain only positive attributes. The essential oils, therefore, have additional medicinal properties that may help in reversing some diseases and reducing the likelihood of developing other diseases.

c) Receptiveness Of The Essential Oils

In comparing the conventional and wild-crafted essential oils, the body is more receptive to the wild-crafted essential oils as they contain natural properties that are compatible and common with human blood. The conventional types have a low receptive to the body as they contain artificial chemicals that were added during planting and growth.


d) Homeostasis Promotion

The wild crafted essential oils contain specific substances that aid in promoting the homeostatic balance in the body for physical and emotional wellbeing. They provide support to the depleted parts of the body and find a balance for all the interdependent parts of the body. Each wild crafted essential oil contains specific substances that are responsible for maintaining the homeostatic balance.

e) Eco-Friendliness

The wild-crafted essential oils are harvested using stipulated guidelines that encourage eco-friendliness and preservation of the plants. The harvesting of the produce is sustainable, ethical, and sound manner that is very friendly to the ecosystem. The plants do not use any artificial chemical substances or farming methods that may interfere with the ecosystem. The guidelines allow for gathering small, thoughtful quantity harvests while protecting the endangered, threatened, and unusual plants as opposed to conventional methods which are not stipulated.

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