The Best England Cities Ranked

  • kelly
  • Aug, 16th

England is famous for its history, literature and much more. However, when people think of England, they often only think of London. This is wrong, and here is why. Although London is humming with activity and offers more experiences than you have time to participate in, it’s not the only city you should visit. Other notable locations should include Manchester, Brighton, Birmingham, Liverpool, Bath and even Cambridge! These cities all have their own unique landmarks, history, and way of life. While not as busy as London, they are worth visiting and experiencing to get a better understanding of what life in England is truly like. For more information on the best cities and the type of atmosphere they offer, continue reading. They are ranked in the order you should visit.



London is the most famous city in England, and it’s also the capital. You will never be bored in this city, with your limitless amount of sightseeing options, tours, food, activities, and so on. You can spend an afternoon at an art gallery (that is free), and end your night at one of the best plays in London. Famous authors have either lived here or partially set their books in London. Every corner in the city offers something new and exciting to all that visit it.



Manchester is not far behind London in its dynamic atmosphere. Museums are plentiful, and so are markets to visit during the day. Take a walk along the canal, visit some iconic restaurants, buy a book from The John Rylands Library and enjoy your stay.



If you are looking for a vacation by the sea, that still offers activities, then the seaside town of Brighton is for you. The city has a long seafront with tons of food and beverage options along the way, after which you can sit on a striped deck chair and enjoy the view.  



Birmingham has the second largest population next to London, and is a quirky city in its own way. It has a lot of Industrial Revolution-era landmarks and similarly to other bigger cities, offers its own set of museums, galleries, and other events. It is also home to Cadbury’s Chocolate’s Cadbury World.



Liverpool is a maritime city, and the birthplace of The Beatles. It’s a friendly city that allows you to take a walk along the docks, take a ferry across the river, among other activities. As with all of the others, it is not without its own iconic restaurants and museum options.



You may have already guessed, but Bath is known for its hot springs. Filled with rich history, it’s Roman Baths date back to AD 43, and it is also famous for the Jane Austen Centre.



Cambridge offers more than the University that most people only seem to hear about. It’s a warm city with plenty of scenic country estates, museums, and of course, the Saturday morning market.


England is a beautiful country, with more to offer than merely it’s capital. Each city, of which there are many more than just the ones listed, have their own charm and history. Wandering outside of London, you may even find that a more remote location is your preferred cup of tea.


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