How to Plan the Perfect Weekend Away With Your Family

  • kelly
  • Nov, 16th

As a parent, it’s one of the small and sensational joys of your adult life to take your family away for a fun-filled trip to a new city, into nature, or even to explore your local area in an attitude of excitement and discovery. Your kids, whatever age they may be, are at a stage in life when they’re free of responsibility, developing and exploring the world around them in a way in which they can teach you much about the innocence and beauty of life. To facilitate this, here are some tips to help you plan the perfect weekend away with your kids happily in tow. 

Where to Stay

Getting yourself into the right base from which to explore your chosen destination is incredibly important – especially when you have kids to think about. Children are unlikely to be fond of long walks into the city, or long trips in a car or on public transport, in order to see the city that you’ve chosen to base yourselves in. As such, find a central location, and a good-quality place to stay, in order to help facilitate your wonderful trip. Bear in mind your options: from traditional hotels through to Airbnb stays, you can find great value and characterful stays spread across the internet.

Planning Your Meals

The second test of the family weekend away is how, where, and when you eat. Are you going to cut costs by making sandwiches each morning to eat on the go? Will you have to march around the neighborhood to find the perfect spot to eat, tiring out your family and detracting from your weekend? The best way to plan your meals is to select a handful of restaurants before you arrive in your destination, place a pin in them on Google Maps, and ensure you’re close to them at the point at which you’ll want to eat a meal. You can, therefore, search for family-friendly places to eat, pleasing both adults and little ones with the food and atmosphere on offer. 




Your children are probably not going to appreciate long walks around dense museums on your family weekend away; they’re going to want excitement, color, vibrancy and stimulation in order to bring the most joy from their experience. That’s not to say that your activities should revolve entirely around your kids, but bearing in mind their tastes and what they’ll enjoy is an important part of planning your activities in your new city. Visit regional guides, like Atlanta Parent, in order to receive the best advice as to where your kids will love to explore when you take them away to a new and exciting place. 

Little Surprises

Children can sometimes be volatile and can be quick to develop into strops or tantrums – something that can take an hour to wrench them from, costing you time and energy you’d rather spend making memories. To counteract this, you should prepare a couple of surprises to get your children reengaged in your trip – whether that’s a food or drink treat, an unexpected sight, or a little present to keep them happy. In this way, you’ll help guarantee the harmony of your family for the whole of your weekend away. 

These four tips will help your family enjoy their time away to the utmost, bringing your children new and valuable memories as they develop into young adults. 

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