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How to Get Back to Work After Having Children

  • kelly
  • Oct, 07th

When you leave work to start a family, it could be several years before you are ready to get back in the workplace. If this is the situation you find yourself in, you might just be amazed by how the work environment has changed in recent years. There are not many jobs where technology has not become involved, and automation now does a lot of the mundane tasks of workplaces.

There has been some concern that automation would mean there are fewer jobs available, but in fact, the opposite has happened. They might not be the traditional types of jobs, but more workers are needed than ever before. While ‘robots’ deal with the day to day things that need doing, more people are needed in several areas. Automation cannot be ignored once it has started; for instance, humans are needed to make sure it is operating correctly, and to stop it quickly if it’s not.

Many of the jobs on the market require qualifications of some sort, and you may be wondering how you are supposed to become qualified if you are at home caring for young children. All is not lost, as the world of education has changed too, and here are a few tips that could help you get back into work after your children.  

Earn Qualifications Online

One answer is to study online and gain yourself a qualification that way. Online courses allow you to work within your lifestyle and you will get just as much help as when you are on a class-based course. There are tutorials online, and chances to chat with the professors and other students who are doing the same course.

Just as an example, if you are a registered nurse that has not worked for several years, you may want to consider completing one of the RN to BSN programs online. This would help to bring you up to date with any changes in the profession as well as teaching you new skills that could help to enhance your career. 

Online classes are flexible and convenient, and earning a BSN after your name is a way of future-proofing your career prospects when you go back to work.

All colleges and universities now offer all their courses online as well as in their physical buildings. The choice is enormous, and you may well be able to take up a career that you thought was impossible in the past. It is worth the time spent researching the courses and the schools because as they are online, the educational facility you opt for could be anywhere in the world.

With many jobs these days, flexible working hours are allowed, or with some, you can even work from home. Employers have realized that if they want a good and loyal workforce, they have to be flexible too. Don’t rule out going to work for someone else, as especially with a qualification under your belt, it could be the perfect solution for you.

Start Your Own Business

If you have a skill that someone else needs, they will pay for it. If you speak and write another language fluently, for example, people will pay you to translate documents for them, and there are plenty of online resources that offer this type of work.

It could be that your skill is cake decorating, and people really like cakes that are personalized in some way. Start by letting friends and family know what you are doing, and you may be surprised how quickly word gets around and the orders start to come in. If you want to buy and sell online, that works too. You just have to be aware that it can be a bit more costly to get started because of inventory and shipping costs, but get the right products and it can be very profitable.

Graphic artists, web designers, seamstresses, bookkeepers, writers, and many other jobs can turn into a business for you to do from home. You can start building the business when the children are in bed, and by the time they are all at school each day, you could be earning a reasonable income.

Part of the key to the success of any new business is getting your name known. Ones of the cheapest and simplest ways to do that is to promote yourself through social media. It does not take many friends to share your posts and suddenly you gain lots of new followers that hopefully will turn into customers. Always provide a good customer service no matter what type of business you have chosen, and you will build a loyal customer base, which is what every business needs to be successful.

Starting your own business takes determination and self-discipline, but there are many successful entrepreneurs that started this way. Just read the stories behind some of the best-known names and you will see that most of them started their own business from scratch.

Teach Yourself New Skills

Teaching yourself new skills is not as popular as it used to be, but it is still possible. If you want to learn how to build websites, design clothes, make wine or anything else, you have the biggest resource of help at your fingertips on the internet. If you want to study and take an exam, you will find everything you need online. The problem with teaching yourself is that there is no one to tell you if you have misunderstood something, and this can lead to errors in what you produce.

It is usually best to check out any information you read in more than one place so that you can be certain what you are being told is correct.

Teaching yourself suits some people, but you have to be prepared to work hard to ensure that you fully understand exactly what you are doing, but even as self-taught you can still sit the same exams as the people who have taken a course.

Start a Blog

A blog itself will not earn you money, but if you build enough followers, other businesses will pay for advertising space on your pages. Pick a subject that you know well to make it interesting and use images and videos to make it appealing to the eye.

It is said that you only have about 4 seconds to hold a viewer’s interest, and you will need something on your blog that keeps them there longer. The more viewers you get and the longer they stay on your site, the higher up the search engine rankings you will move.

You need to add content on a regular basis too, as if you don’t, the search engines will consider your blog to be irrelevant and you will drop down the rankings very quickly.

Use social media to attract people to view and as the followers build, so will the people that want advertising space. Some will pay you a flat fee for their adverts, and others will pay per click. Either way can earn you money and it is why there are some bloggers who have several blog sites at the same time. Blogging can earn you a very good income if you are prepared to spend the time it needs and you pick the right subjects.

Gain Experience

You may be wondering how to gain experience without going back to work, but it is possible. You can volunteer your services in jobs that you know will teach you things you are clueless about, perhaps such things as using spreadsheets and word documents. If you want to be a secretary or a personal assistant, see if your children’s schools will let you do a few hours each week in their office. This would let you see much of the new technology first hand, let you gain some experience, and make it simpler if you do go for a job in this line.

Give your services free at a local clinic, beauty salon, or in a store. It is all invaluable experience that will look good on your resume as well as teaching you new skills.

Volunteering in many areas can teach you what the working environment is like today, and that can help you to decide what it is you want to do now the children are all at school.

Be Confident

Whatever you decide to do after the kids, you need to approach it with confidence, or you will fail before you start. When you have spent several years at home caring for your little ones, it is understandable that you feel a bit lost in today’s working world. Nothing is insurmountable though if you believe in your own abilities. 

If you earn new qualifications or start your own business, it will open up all sorts of opportunities that you may not have thought possible.

You have to remember that although you are a mother, you are also your own person, and getting back to work can make your life more fulfilling and rewarding.

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