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How to Create a Wonderful Children’s Bedroom

  • kelly
  • Mar, 26th

Whether you’re expecting your first-born or you’ve already got kids but you’re looking to redecorate so they’ve got a fabulous room in which to play and sleep, creating an ideal space for children to inhabit is often a fun-filled and imaginative home improvement journey! There are, of course, DIY eventualities and other bits and bobs that you’ll have to either pay for or do yourself, but this will be well worth it when you have your finished room that’ll have your kids giddy with excitement. Here are some quick tips for realising a dream bedroom for children.

Do Fun Paintings

If you’ve got a stripped and empty room at your disposal, then you’re free to paint the walls with whatever wonderful style you can come up with, and whatever you’d like your kids to be immersed in. Paint plants on the wall for jungle explorer games, fish for aquatic fun, or even just your child’s favourite TV or book characters. Using glow in the dark paint – especially for star-studded ceilings – will provide that bit more magic to your child’s room.

Decorate with Comfort and Safety in Mind

There’s a number of fairly obvious practical considerations when organising a child’s bedroom. Carpeted floors will reduce knocks and bangs, wall-affixed furniture will avoid anything falling over in the cut and thrust of play, and a sturdy bed will survive even the most enthusiastic of bed-jumping sessions. Ultimately, you want the peace of mind that your child is safe and sound in their room, so making everything soft and safe will avoid any worrisome eventualities as they much around in their play space.

Be Creative with Fittings

This might require your taking yourself back to when you were a child – how can you make a bedroom as child-friendly as possible? A dimmer switch on lights will allow you to settle your child down for bed more easily and heavy curtains instead of blinds are less likely to get destroyed. Also, a big toy chest alongside a wall will be able to store all the knickknacks that you’d ordinarily trip on when checking on your children in the night.

Think Practically About Space

Over time, your children will grow to require completely different items inside their bedroom. While a teenager will find it easy enough to paint over their walls, it’ll be harder to replace children’s furniture with that of a young adult. When it comes to storage for your children’s room, there are many things to consider for fitted wardrobes such as size, where it’ll fit and the aesthetic you’re going for. However, a great plus for a fitted wardrobe is the fact that it’s timeless and can improve your home’s value. It’ll also transition well as your child grows from toddler to child, to teenager and adult.

Making a child’s bedroom into something special takes a combination of imaginative creations and practical thinking; after all, children are famously able to destroy almost any household interior. These tips should point you in the right direction when considering how to create a fabulous space for your kids.

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