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How to Boost Your Career After a Maternity Break

  • kelly
  • Feb, 26th

Many people decide to have a break from their career for many reasons. Although the most popular of these is for childbirth and pregnancy, there is a wide range of other reasons. These can vary from being for the sake of your mental health to going travelling. However, when you eventually decide to go back to work, here are some top tips to reintroduce yourself.

Step 1: Find Child-Friendly Roles

If you have left your job due to pregnancy, and are now searching for a new role, look for those that fit alongside your daily routines. Many women fear going back to work due to increasing costs for childcare and longer hours at work. Instead, there are plenty of child-friendly companies and jobs that you can schedule around school and nursery times, such as becoming a primary school assistant. This will help to integrate you back into the working world without worrying about abandoning your kids or having to spend your hard-earned money on childcare fees.

Step 2: Gain the New Qualifications

The best way to boost your career is to gain new qualifications that can open doors for you. Many women that return to work want to take up a new career pathway. Gaining a new qualification can help you to do so. Personal training qualifications, for example, are excellent, as they can help you to stay fit and you can tailor clients around your schedule. Additionally, you can access these qualifications remotely, which has great benefits for new mothers as you can do these around your commitments. By attending a Fitness Course Sunderland, you will only need to visit the physical location for assessments, and can do the rest of your personal training qualification at home.

Step 3: Work Part-Time

You should also consider working part-time. This will enable you to get back into the familiar routines of work gradually. Working part-time will take the pressure of balancing work and motherhood, and will allow you to organise your time. Additionally, you are more likely to find the hours you want by working part-time, as this will often allow you to have weekends off to spend with the children.

Step 4: Take on a Different Role

If you are returning to your old job, you should consider taking on a different role in the company. This will be easier than finding a new job, and you may even be able to use different skills than you were previously. Whilst you were regaining what you gave up before childbirth, you will also have less of the stress of your original job. Less responsibility will ensure that you can focus on your child, while still having an income and capacity to get promoted or gain more hours as your child grows up.

Therefore, parenting does not have to damage your career. Instead, you can use the opportunity of being a mum to boost your career and begin to take on the roles that you have always wanted to.


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