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How to be Creative with Your Outfits

  • kelly
  • Aug, 29th

 In order to be creative, you should learn how to think outside of the box, buck the trend in some ways, and exude your very own personal sense of style. Of course, nine times out of ten, you’ll want to follow the current rules of fashion and look on-trend, but you need to also fuse your own creativity with today’s current fashion by getting on board with what’s hot and what’s not. 

Being creative with your outfits entails adding your own spin on things, even if that means adding small accessories, or mixing colours with textures, and pretty much wearing what helps you to communicate your personality. Learn how to be creative with your outfits by reading over the following four suggestions and beginning to put them into practice. 

Add A Touch of Luxury 

Don’t be afraid to add a little flavour of luxury to your wardrobe by investing in some timeless pieces that can help you to reinvent some other garments. These pieces include the likes of cashmere from State Cashmere, large woollen scarves, some fake fur, and little details like large-faced watches, jewellery, and some shoes that made you walk with confidence. 

Luxury doesn’t need to mean forking out lots of money to purchase a fancy item, as you can quite easily decide to buy second hand by looking in charity shops and online, and even at auctions too. 

Be Inspired 

There’s inspiration wherever you look, and if you live in a large city, then you’ll likely be surrounded by new and emerging styles and fashionistas on every corner. To be creative, you need to be inspired and excited by what you see. So, be sure to be keeping on the ball by reading fashion blogs, attending shows (no matter how small), following stylish individuals on Instagram, and by scrolling through on the likes of Lookbook. 

When you see an outfit you like, make a visual note of it, and write down what you like about it. Be inspired to emulate someone else’s style by seeing how you can take the look and make it your own by raiding your wardrobe and consulting your own personal taste and preferences. 

Feel Confident 

Above all else, you should be confident in what you’re wearing. Before you leave the house, ask yourself whether you feel stylish and if the answer is no, or if you haven’t worn an item for fear of it not being trendy enough, then turn around and reach for whatever it is that’s going to add a little spring to your step. The same goes for putting something on that you’re not 100% sure about, because you need to feel trendy and confident in order to properly exude style and sophistication. 


Adding little details here and there is what’s going to differentiate your outfits from others, and this is where you can let your personal style take the lead and influence how you embellish your outfits. 

Start by adding attractive earrings, and then a watch, bracelets and bangles, and rings. There’s also the choice of wearing facial jewellery, hair accessories, and anklets. There isn’t really a rule when it comes to adding tasteful pieces of personal ornamentation, so don’t hold back and wear what makes you feel happy, and what’s sentimental to you. 


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