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Get Active – 5 Hobbies That Will Keep You Fit and Active

  • kelly
  • Feb, 02nd

If you were to compare the lives of our ancestors to the lives we’re living now; it would be apparent there’s a striking difference. While they might have walked 10 miles to the nearest water well, we merely have to walk two feet to the tap, or we open a bottle of sugar-filled soda instead. The modern lifestyle is convenient, but it’s not healthy. We don’t get enough exercise, and obesity, diabetes, and heart disease are rife. If you’re looking to combat your idle lifestyle, here are five hobbies to keep you fit and active.

Horse Riding

Horse riding can be an expensive hobby. You will need to purchase saddles, the best quality hoof boots, riding clothing, and of course, the horse. However, the benefits can more than outweigh the cost. Few pursuits can be as rewarding, with not only the ability to form a close bond with a gentle, intelligent animal, but also receiving a core, legs, and upper body workout. Horse riding can even open the door to many social occasions, with competitions and clubs in most cities and rural areas. The best part is, horses can be your hobby, but they can also make a loyal friend.


Surfing can similarly transform your health. Aside from providing you with the perfect excuse to head to the beach anytime you like, it’s one of the most complete cardio and muscle workouts you can imagine. Surfing works your triceps, biceps, and obliques, just to name a few, and you’ll notice a change in no time. Grab a board and head to the beach. It can do wonders for body and soul.


If the price of vegetables at the grocery store has you gasping in horror, it might be time to take up gardening as a hobby. Not only can you enjoy the fruits (and vegetables) of your labor, but you can also gain health benefits into the bargain. Getting out into the garden, while fun for those with green fingers, will also keep you active and moving. A simple hour-long weed pulling session can be quite the low-impact workout, while at the same time giving you plenty of exposure to fresh air and sunshine.

Martial Arts

Whether you’re interested in Karate, Judo, Jujutsu, or Taekwondo, martial arts are an excellent way of keeping your body fit and active, while learning discipline and potentially life-saving self-defense skills at the same time. Martial arts keep you fit, confident, and healthy, but they also enable you to protect yourself when necessary, which can be vitally important in an increasingly dangerous world.


Many of us would prefer to watch someone else hike on TV while eating a bag of potato chips, but experiencing it for yourself could open a whole new world for you. Getting outdoors, walking the many tracks on offer, and seeing nature up close and personal are just a few of the many benefits hiking as a hobby can offer. Of course, you can also benefit from a good cardio workout while working muscle groups that don’t often get used from the living room sofa.

There is no shortage of healthy hobbies out there that aim to keep you fit and active, and it’s well worth seeing what’s available in your area. You not only get to benefit from a healthier lifestyle, but many hobbies also offer a social factor which is otherwise missed out on if you stay at home. Get fit, active, and reap the many rewards.


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