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Ensuring Safety and Comfort for Your Little Ones

  • kelly
  • Mar, 29th

When we have small children around us safety is always foremost in our minds, but it isn’t only the design of the children’s equipment itself that needs to be taken into consideration.  Toddlers are reluctant respecters of boundaries, and when they explore and experiment our entire living room fast becomes a playground. Everyday objects innocuously located around the room suddenly turn into potential hazards, and sometimes not only for the children.

So we need equipment and furniture to be safe and secure for our children, but we need also to be able to use it ourselves, sometimes when attending to those children, without it presenting us with additional challenges which are unhelpful and unnecessary.

Nursery Gliders for Assisting Parents

The nursery glider is a form of rocking chair which moves in the manner of a swing seat.  The frame is essentially a seat which is attached to its base through a four-bar linkage. As it swings backwards and forwards it closely emulates the motions of a traditional rocking chair.  By moving the pinch points away from the floor it is altogether safer for children, as well as for pets. The design is constructed to make it easier for parents to tend and to feed newborn babies, as well as for general calming.

Free movement is a predominant feature of the nursery chair, and many of the designs allow for almost unrestrained rocking, gliding and swivelling which, combined with an emphasis on ultimate comfort, makes them ideal for relaxing with a small child.

Finding the Best Design for You

Inevitably some designs are better than others, and the more sophisticated examples tend to incorporate additional comfort and safety features for added peace of mind.  Parenting Pick’s Best Nursery Gliders lists some of the sleeker models and this provides a useful guide from which to make an informed choice.

Usually nursery chairs are packed for self-assembly, and some designs include a footrest whilst others are stand-alone items.

Some Additional Features

Like any other furniture, nursery gliders vary in presentation and sometimes come with additional features to compliment their more standard attributes.  Whilst in some instances these can be peripheral or even gimmicky, in others they can be handy and their inclusion demonstrates some welcome outside-of-the-box thinking when it comes to maximising comfort and convenience for those tending to children.  For instance the inclusion of discreet side pockets can be most useful when handling tissues, half-empty drinking vessels and other items which it is the wont of small children to arbitrarily discard without prior announcement.

Whilst the concept is pretty much universal it would be a mistake to write off nursery seating as being much of a sameness, as different models do sometimes offer their own unique and interesting interpretations of what a glider should offer to both caregiver and charge.  It is well worth looking around, considering prices and other factors, and seeking out something bespoke for the needs and requirements of your own particular situation.


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