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Designing a Play Room: A Guide

  • kelly
  • Dec, 10th

A playroom will provide your children with a space of their own to have fun, make a mess and unleash their imagination. It will allow your little ones to paint, draw, read and play without restriction, so they can become creative, intelligent kids that will excel both inside and outside of a school environment.

If you are in need of some inspiration, read the following advice for designing the perfect playroom for your children.

Clean the Room

It is crucial to provide your kids with a safe, organized place to play and learn, which is why you should thoroughly clean the room.

Not only should you remove all unnecessary furniture and belongings from the space, but you should hire a carpet cleaning service from My Technicare, who can eradicate any stains, dust or odors.

You also should scrub the baseboards and wash the windows to provide your little ones with a hygienic, fresh environment.

Choose a Theme or Color

Once a room is fresh for your kids, you should choose either a theme or basic color for a playroom. Involve your kids in the design process.

For example, they might like their playroom to incorporate their favorite comic heroes or cartoon characters. If they haven’t got a specific idea, consider decorating a playroom in a bold color.

Hang Inspiring Posters and Paintings

Add pops of color into a playroom’s interior by hanging posters or paintings onto a wall. The fun artwork could help to trigger their imagination, so it could encourage them to pick up a pencil or paintbrush to create their own works of art. So, don’t forget to stock up on a variety of art supplies, such as:

  • A painting easel
  • Chalkboard
  • Child-sized tables and chairs
  • Art supplies

Buy Toy Bins to Improve Organization

Incorporate colorful toy bins in a playroom to improve organization, so your kids won’t trip or fall over their belongings and can enjoy a functional space. You also should instruct your children to clear away their toys once they have finished, which can teach them responsibility.

A Homework Area

A playroom shouldn’t only be a place where your children can go to paint and play. It should also serve as a quiet, creative space for your children to complete their homework.

Support their education by providing them with a fun yet practical homework area; for example, you should incorporate a desk and a table lamp into the room’s design, as well as calendar, whiteboard, stationery, notebooks and a bookcase for their school books, stationery, and awards.

It could help them to receive top marks every time they hand in a piece of homework to their teacher.

Create a Soft Section

It might also be beneficial to create a soft section within the playroom, which will provide your kids with a place to go when they want to read or feel upset.

For example, add bean bag chairs, blankets and teddy bears into the corner of the room, which will provide them with a cozy, safe space within their playroom.

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