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Are your children really in safe hands?

  • kelly
  • Nov, 05th

Taking the initial steps in seeking information on who is looking after your children can be an uncomfortable topic for all involved. It turns out that where abuses are concerned, in most cases the perpetrators are those whom children naturally know and trust. So how do you avoid such unthinkable risks?

  1. Do a background check on those that you are placing your children with. Companies like VeriScreen offer a straight forward service to assist in this process. Past childcare experience is also a bonus to look out for.
  2. Don’t be afraid to raise the uncomfortable topics that you are concerned about with your children. Children need to know what boundaries should be in place where nobody has the right to cross. As a parent take every effort to educate your child wisely.  
  3. Inform adults that are involved with your children what forms of personal contact are suitable and where the limits lie.
  4. Whatever environment that you are placing your children in, make sure that it is child friendly and that the relevant certifications are in place. Speak to other parents and gain their perspective on their experiences. Word of mouth goes a long way.
  5. Should untoward circumstances occur, inquire as to how such situations are dealt with. What if a child gets hurt, what are the polices in place to assist and fix the issue?
  6. Always make sure you have a back-up plan in place in case you get delayed and your child cannot be picked up on time. This act alone can save much worry and stress for all concerned.
  7. If your child has dietary requirements, regularly make certain that the childcare workers are following through on your instruction. Make contact with your child’s care workers regularly, don’t just drop your child off and forget about checking up on key details from time to time.  
  8. Keep your phone with you and charged at all times. If something happens you want to be at your child’s side at the drop of a hat.
  9. It is important to be certain that your child care worker is qualified in first aid. This alone can save much distress in acute situations.     
  10. To have healthy communication between your child care worker and your child, try to find out how well informed the worker is when it comes to what your child’s interests are for example, what kind of physical activities are children enjoying these days? What type of books and movies are relevant to the child’s age group? What type of crafts are safe considering your child’s age and interest level? What type of books and stories are in vogue?  


It can feel like a huge risk to let your child under someone else’s care, but if you have established a good understanding of boundaries and expectations for all concerned and you have undertaken word of mouth and background checks, you will have done everything possible to insure safety for your precious little one.  

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