7 Careers That Will Make You a Better Parent

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  • May, 22nd



Every parent should strive to continually get better at raising their kids in the best way possible. However, giving your kids a brighter future isn’t just about what you do around the house, it’s also about the type of lifestyle you lead and the way you work on your own self-improvement. After all, you’re supposed to lead by example, so you should try to build a life that will be conducive to that.

Some jobs are absolutely perfect for parents, while others could be downright inappropriate or overly demanding. In general, you should try to avoid any job that doesn’t leave you with enough free time or energy to give your children your all and opt instead for career paths that will make you more available and helpful. With that said, here are seven careers that can make anyone a better parent:


  • 1. Nursing


What good is having a first aid kit if you don’t know how to use it? Of course, being a nurse goes far beyond just knowing how to apply a bandage, as you’ll be knowledgeable enough to roughly diagnose and treat most common ailments that your child encounters. Plus, you’ll never have to struggle to find a job once you’ve earned your nursing degree, as nurses are in high demand worldwide. Furthermore, there are always opportunities for career advancement. For example, you could earn a bridge MSN degree online to obtain your masters in nursing, which would make you eligible for higher-paying healthcare positions.


  • 2. Dietician


Feeding children an optimal diet is one area that many parents struggle in and they don’t even realize it. It’s become so socially normal for kids to eat junk food, candy, and soda that many parents are essentially guilt-tripped into giving in to their kids’ childish eating habits. As a dietician, you don’t necessarily need to enforce the most stringent diet with an iron fist, but you’ll at least be knowledgeable enough to ensure your kids are getting their daily recommended nutritional values. While you’ll need to complete a 4-year degree path, you’ll be rewarded with a parent-friendly job that can pay $60,000 per year once you’ve gained experience in the field.


  • 3. Teacher


This one should need no explanation – if you’re tasked with teaching other children all day, then obviously you’ll be better at teaching your own kids. The world needs more teachers, so you’ll also be helping to fulfill a crucial demand that will contribute to the success of the next generation. There’s no shortage of critical environmental and societal problems that will need to be solved within the next couple of decades, so one could make the argument that you’d be preparing the most important generation in the history of civilization given the stakes at hand. Plus, with a current and familiar knowledge of official academic curriculum, you’ll be in a better position to educate and quiz your kids on a variety of age -appropriate topics.


  • 4. Freelance Writer


Any freelance job can be great for a parent because it gives you the flexibility of working from home, where you’ll be in close proximity to your children at all times. Although you’ll still need to meet deadlines and treat it like a real job, simply being around and available is a huge bonus perk. Freelance writing in particular is especially ideal for parents because your assignments can expose you to so many interesting facts and stories that you can share with your kids to make them smarter about all sorts of extracurricular things that other kids their age may know nothing about.


  • 5. Counselor or Therapist


A good parent should be able to counsel their child when they’re having problems and provide useful guidance and emotional support. You may already be great at doing this, but becoming a professional therapist or counselor is a sure-fire way to get even better at it. This is another in-demand job that you should be able to find just about anywhere, and there are even positions that will pay you to travel, which is always a great experience to give your kids.  School counselor is the first position that comes to mind, but behavioral therapist would also be ideal.


  • 6. Fitness Trainer or Coach


As a fitness trainer or coach, you’ll be ideally equipped to stress the importance of physical activity and keep your kids in great shape starting from a young age. Of course, you’ll also reap the benefits of staying in shape yourself, which goes back to leading by example. Personal trainers and coaches can earn anywhere from $50,000-$100,000 depending on the prestigiousness of their position. Specializing in child fitness is a great idea for parents as well because you’ll have more specific expertise in guiding child-safe activities, since many resistance training and endurance-building exercises that are good for adults aren’t recommended for kids.


  • 7. Life Coach or Consultant


Parents are really just life coaches for kids in a way, so you might as well turn it into a career that will let you get paid for parenting (mentoring) other adults, essentially. Every kid needs a great mentor, and earning certification as a professional life coach is a guaranteed way to become better at this critical aspect of parenting. Likewise, most consultant jobs will make you better at providing general guidance and listening attentively to the problems of others so that you can provide appropriate solutions, which is exactly what your kids need you to do for them on a regular basis.


  • There are Many Other Options to Consider


This list is by no means comprehensive or all-inclusive, as there are literally hundreds of job positions that would be ideal for working parents. If none of the above suggestions seem to be interesting to you, try looking for other jobs that involve mentoring or caring for people in some way. In closing, you’ll probably be happy with any occupation that continually exercises your ability to provide focused care or treatment while still giving you plenty of time with your kids.

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