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6 Easy Ways To Revamp Your Backyard For The Whole Family

  • kelly
  • Jul, 03rd

Your backyard is a space that should be enjoyed by the whole family but if the layout or design doesn’t function well for your family, making some small changes could help you use the space better. This area should be somewhere everyone feels comfortable playing and entertaining in, plus if you can seamlessly blend your interior spaces with your exterior; this makes a larger living area for you to take advantage of especially in the summer. Transforming your garden doesn’t have to cost a fortune, so check out these handy ways to make your backyard work for the whole family.


Connect your home to the garden


Kids love running from the house to the garden in bare feet so trying to make this space work better so that levels are subtly removed will prevent the need to put shoes on each time. If you have the budget, installing bi-fold doors works beautifully in bringing the outside in, and they can be opened fully to give an airy feel to your interior areas. Spending time developing a patio space is another great idea.


Make a water feature


Ponds and water features are great for creating a calming ambiance to a backyard, plus they are ideal for encouraging birds and mini beasts to your garden, which the kids will love. There are a host of designs for both small and larger spaces, so spend some time deciding on the right fit for your garden. To make your water feature or pond space a calming oasis at night, you may want to consider adding pond and garden lights to the space. Visit to start planning this particular feature to your garden.


Create a play area


If you have space to zone off areas, then dedicating an area that the kids can play in offers them a little haven to retreat to. You could incorporate a swing, slide, and playhouse, plus if there’s room, they could also have their own garden furniture to entertain their friends.


Make a snug area


Much like a snug area in your home, you can also create one in your backyard too. There is a selection of comfortable corner seating options and larger snug style chairs that you can accessorize with throws and blankets for the ultimate in cosy nights in the garden.


Buy some giant games


Games aren’t just for kids and if you want to have fun alongside your children, then getting some giant games for the garden is ideal. There are plenty of options such as chess, checkers, and Jenga. Plus if you’re feeling energetic, you could also just play a traditional game of tag.


Make a small veggie patch


To get the kids involved in nature, making a small patch where they can grow plants and vegetables is ideal for encouraging them to understand the importance of the outside world. This could also be an excellent idea for promoting healthy eating and getting them to try different tastes that they’ve grown with their own hands.


There are lots of little ways that you can make your garden work better for your family. By incorporating both play and relaxation spaces both kids and adults, everyone will love spending time in this natural space.


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