5 Tips on Saving for Your Next Family Holiday

  • kelly
  • Nov, 01st

Life can become very predictable, especially when you have a family and a daily routine in place. This routine likely consists of school runs, activities when you can afford it and making several meals a day. Sometimes, you want to take a break from this routine and to change of scenery. One of the most ideal ways of doing so is through things like family holidays. However, going away costs money so affording it can be a challenge, especially when you have kids. All hope is not lost as a family holiday is something that can be saved towards. Here are some tips on saving for your next family holiday.


  • Think About What You Can Afford


Family holidays can be pricey depending on where you decide to go. Some things that you’re likely going to have to pay for is accommodation, flight tickets, activities and food to name a few. Also, holidays can range anywhere from £500-5,000 depending on the destination and perks. You should, therefore, decide how much you can afford and are willing to spend by seeing how much surplus you have after paying bills. Also, you may want to choose an amount that won’t leave you broke afterward.


  • Decide Where You Want to Go


It is no surprise that when it comes to family holiday’s you’re spoilt for choice. You need to narrow down your choices, however, and pick a place that fits within the budget you’ve decided on as suggested above. One of the best family holiday destinations if you’ve got young children is Agriturismo in Italy. Other great destinations are Princesses and Pirates in Cyprus if you want sand and sun, or Alps adventure in Tignes le Lac if you want to engage in some hiking on a glacier. If you don’t have a lot of money to spare, you may want to think about going to a nearby city as opposed to travelling to an international destination. Ultimately, you’ve got to choose somewhere that you get your money’s worth and that everyone will enjoy.


  • Open a Separate Savings Account


Sometimes, when your money is all in one accessible place, it is easier to overspend. For this reason, when you’re trying to save for a family holiday, it may be best to open a separate savings account. This can be one for special and robust expenses while you use your main account to pay bills and everyday expenses. If you’re unable to open an account, it may be because you’ve had a bad track record with other banks and gotten a negative listing on the ChexSystems. However, if you look at this website,, you’ll see some of the best accounts that don’t use this system, thus increasing your chances of being able to open one.


  • Try and Cut Back


If you want to save for something that could potentially be a large expense such as a holiday, you’re likely going to have to cut back. This means looking through your monthly expenses and seeing which of them aren’t necessities and how you can eliminate or reduce such costs. If, for instance, you tend to go bowling with your kids every weekend, you could decide to reduce it to once a month. Other practical ways that you can cut back are by switching to store brands when grocery shopping as they tend to be cheaper, shopping with a list, and meal planning. Also, you could try looking for deals and seeing if any of your recurring bills can be renegotiated so that you can get a cheaper rate.


  • Take on Extra Work


For those who are able to, taking on extra work is another practical tip that could help you save for your holiday. Speak with your employer to see if there are any extra shifts or projects that you can opt to take on or look for an extra stream of income. This is especially ideal if you have skills that you can monetise such as baking, writing, or cleaning. It may not seem like much, but it can go along way if you save it on a monthly basis.

Going to a new destination with your family can be a good thing for all of you. The chance to have a new experience with people who mean the world to you is priceless. If you take the time out to plan and save, you should find that it’s a tangible idea that can become a reality.

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