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4 Winter Routine Hacks

  • kelly
  • Dec, 02nd

We are truly into winter now, where the temperatures are dropping, and the nights draw in earlier and earlier. There is nothing quite like winter coziness to make the home feel like the sanctuary that it is, but have you done all that can to make your home winter ready for you and your family? Here are some winter hacks to make life that little bit easier.

Mittens, hats and scarves

It is cold out there, and as you struggle to get the children out of the door and ready for school, your last call out to them is to put their hats, gloves and scarves on. It’s a daily battle that can result in tempers being frayed, lost hats, and cold fingers. Take the stress out of your daily routine and keep a storage box or basket by the front door to keep these necessities in. The children will soon get used to putting these accessories straight into them when they come in, and be able to locate them easily when they leave. Practice makes perfect!

Boots and shoes

Unless you have a separate boot room, fall and winter are the seasons of continuous floor cleaning due to wet and muddy shoes and boots dragging the debris from outside into the home. Only slightly damp shoes can leave marks on tiles and carpets. It is time to invest in a good old-fashioned boot scraper, and get militant about people taking their shoes off when they come in the house. Make sure that you keep slippers near the entrance door of your home so that the children can put them on straight away. If the shoes are wet, use microfiber cloths to stuff them and soak up the moisture.

Let there be light

Winter brings with it cold and dark; it’s the same every year, and every year people don’t prepare for it. Make this year different! When you come home to a dark house, you are susceptible to trips and falls, both inside and outside your abode. Install high bay lighting which can be found at to ensure that once you’re inside, you can safely see the path before you.

Buy in bulk

If you have the storage space, buy groceries that have a long shelf life and batch cook food for your freezer so that if you are unable to get out because of the snow, you can continue to eat adequately. Don’t forget to buy extra pet food too, as you don’t want to be caught short and have your furry friends hungry. You will also need to buy extra batteries, candles and matches to prepare for any electricity outages that usually occur at this time of year.

Winter brings with it the extra need to be organized and prepared. If you can make simple changes to your routine, you will be able to have a more stress-free time. Remember, if you have elderly or vulnerable neighbors, be sure to keep an eye on them over the season and help keep them safe too.

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