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4 Ways to Save Money on a Family Holiday

  • kelly
  • Sep, 01st

Travelling with a family, whether large or small, can become considerably expensive, but family holidays are also important as an opportunity to relax, bond and spend quality time together. It can be tempting to go over budget during a family holiday in order to make the best of the opportunity, but by making smart decisions from the outset you can save a considerable amount of money. Small changes here and there and wiser decisions can help you stay under-budget overall.

Choose a Motorhome

Your choice of accommodation during a family trip, especially if travelling with younger children, is an important one. RV rentals allow more freedom and a more budget-friendly approach to travel. Renting a motorhome means you have your travel arrangements and accommodation combined in one; you can travel the road whenever and wherever you like, as well as having consistent access to all the facilities your family will need, such as bathroom and kitchen – which is great when your growing family might constantly need a toilet break or a quick snack. 

An RV is also more budget friendly due to the cooking facilities which allow you to shop for your own food items and cook a healthy family meal instead of constantly stopping at restaurants during your travels and spending a fortune on meal bills. 

Travel Outside of the School Holidays if You Can

If your children are in school, it can be very difficult to plan holidays which aren’t based in the peak of summer, simply due to their schedule. Sometimes you may not have a choice in having to pay peak prices for holidays during the official school leave time. However, if your child (or children) hasn’t started school yet, or perhaps is reaching the school-leaving age, then you should consider pricing up holidays outside of peak times. A winter sun holiday, for example, or a holiday in October instead of July, could save you a lot of money.

Look for Free Entries 

Planning excursions and activities for your family holiday is where a lot of your budget will go – and most of the time, it can get very expensive. It’s a good idea to spend some time researching family-friendly activities which allow children to go free – there are a lot of popular tourist attractions which allow free entry for children under a certain age, or at the very least provide a discounted family pass which will save you money. You could also try cultural places such as museums or galleries which offer free admission.

Don’t Always Opt for the Obvious Destination 

There may be many popular places which spring to mind when you’re looking for a family-friendly holiday – but there may be similar places nearby which aren’t as well known which you can bag for half the price. Before booking an obvious place, research similar places which offer the same attractions at a fraction of the cost as they aren’t so popular.


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